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Auphonix is dedicated to making great accessories to ensure you get the best audio quality possible. Annoying sounds like the “thuds” from plosives, or the bumps from your desk moving are very simply eliminated with pop filters and shock mounts.

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We help you get a professional sound to build your audience, clearly get your message across and encourage advertisers

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We help you remove all those distracting noises of home, transforming the quality of your vlogs so you can get noticed, shared and become an influencer

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We help you stand out from the rest and sound like you’re in a professional sound studio sharing your passion with no post production work

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We help you achieve that professional, high quality sound that positions you as the expert in your industry which gives your audience confidence to purchase.

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We take away the technical challenges and cost of obtaining a professional sound for your recordings which will give your clients confidence in the quality of your work.

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We help you create professional sound quality from your own home to inspire confidence, maintain professionalism and communicate clearly with your team and your clients.


“This is the first pop filter I have purchased, and it will probably be the only one I ever will purchase because it is far better than described.

The goose neck was very sturdy and is able to stay in place even if you swing the pop filter around. It blocks all pops even when you have your face right in front of your microphone, and I have noticed it even helps cancel background noise and prevent your mic from getting overloaded.” Maria Evers Amazon Reviewer


The original Auphonix microphone pop filter is a top quality, double screen filter. The clamp connects your filter 


 For Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro USB Microphones, the Blue Yeti Shock Mount isolates your mic from sound & vibration. 


Designed for the Blue Yeti, this filter simple clamps onto the stand of the microphone stand, and stays clamped on.


Microphones are one of the most critical links in the chain of recording. Skillful placement of microphones is the first step to getting great recordings.

Just listening to someone sing or speak, you might not notice the intricacies of the human voice. Specifically, there are some syllables that really stand out, especially when they are recorded by microphone. The most troubling syllables are s’s, which exhibit sibilance, and plosives, like b’s, p’s, and t’s.

While tackling sibilance is worthy of its own post, it’s quite easy to tame plosives. Let’s look at the mechanics of plosives when it comes to microphones.

Plosive syllables involve a brief, rapid expulsion of air, which a diaphragm can’t process gracefully. The impact of that syllable on the diaphragm creates temporarily intense vibrations that microphones turn into distortion.

The solution is to interrupt the wind by using a pop filter. Pop filters are either foam covers for the microphone or a mesh screen that sits between the vocalist’s mouth and the microphone. The filter interrupts the plosive wind, dissipating its force, while allowing the important information of the syllable to reach the diaphragm at the same level as other syllables.

It’s a simple, elegant solution that takes an amateur sounding recording and immediately takes it several notches closer to pro quality. While foam filters are designed to be used on a specific microphone, a mesh filter is equally useful on all microphones, and is a small investment to really improve the quality of your recordings.

If you’ve been recording vocals without one, and are wondering how you can improve the recording quality, look no further. Pop filters are standard in professional studios, and even if you don’t have the fancy gear that they use, you can get professional grade vocal recordings by using a pop filter.

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