Auphonix Shock Mount Compatible with Blue Yeti, Yeti Snowball and Yeti Pro Mic

Latest Advanced Vibration Blocking, Noise Repelling Shockmount System for Blue Yeti Original Snowball & USB Pro – Ultra-Portable Lightweight Microphone Shock Mount


DON’T LOSE listeners because your recording sounds more like a bad beat box session than an A-List Recording. Superior AUDIENCE PLEASING SOUND begin with a superior shock mount and we combined the most advanced shockmount components on market, so you can record like the PROS, without the premium investment.

 VIBRATION, NOISE DISTORTION, SHOCK…GONE: ISO-X Proprietary NOISE ISOLATION Technology combines with Advanced RECORDING OPTIMIZED SUSPENSION BANDS to shield your Blue Yeti Mic from the vibrations, shock pops and voice-distorting noises, so you can stop rerecording and save time post production.

On my initial search I saw this option as well as another that was roughly double the price. I was worried that this shock mount would not perform as well. I do not have another shock mount to compare it to but honestly for the price it does a great job. I have been more than pleased with the performance. I have tested my mic with and without the shock mount and I can confidently say that it reduces noise vibrations at least 85% or more. If you are looking for high end studio quality level then I would expect you to have a dynamic high end expensive microphone and therefore not be looking at this product. Which is why I would highly recommend this shock mount.

Zwick Amazon Reviewer


IT WON’T DROP, GUARANTEED: ROBUST, ULTRA REINFORCED microphone shock mount components allow you to create crisp, crystal-clear recordings while ensuring your Blue Yeti stays safely suspended in the air. The ideal shock mount blue yeti mic equipment for the RISING MUSICIAN, Vlogger, Voice Over Artist or Podcast Host.


AT JUST 7 ounces, this COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE Blue Yeti Shock Mount easily tucks into your suitcase, backpack or tiny apartment studio so you can continue recording your work while you’re touring, working, or rocking it in your home office.


SPECIALLY DESIGNED for the Blue Yeti Microphone, Blue Yeti Pro USB and Blue Snowball, this microphone shockmount contains multi-sized threads (3/8” & 5/8” threads) that fit US and European Microphone Arms – no adapter needed.

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