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Silver Shock Mount for Blue Yeti Microphone


Everyone loves the Blue Yeti microphone! But when you leave it on its standard desktop stand you will get a lot of extra noise in your recordings. It's a sensitive microphone, and you will pick up bumps and scrapes from your keyboard and mouse. When you're trying to make a quality audio recording, these will completely ruin your work. And you have to start over again.

But this is totally unnecessary, and can be solved with a very simple piece of equipment - a shock mount. 

A shock mount is designed to physically separate the microphone from any sources of noise, scraping or vibration. You microphone is suspended on an elastic spring, and this elastic absorbs all the shock before it even hits your microphone. Your extra noise is gone. 

No need for time-consuming post-production work. Just record, and go. 

The Auphonix shock mount is small and light and comes in two different options. Plastic for the budget conscious, and aluminum if you're looking for something a little sturdier. In both cases, the mount is much smaller than the Radius by Blue, and not so "in-your-face"

This shock mount ships with an screw adapter thread to so that it will fit European and US microphone arms.

So, fix all the bumps and thumps in your recordings now, with this lightweight and affordable shock mount.


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