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Microphone Pop Filter With 6-inch Double Mesh Screen For A Clean Recording First Time Every Time

$19.83 $29.99

UPC: 820103187602


The original Auphonix microphone pop filter is a top quality, double screen filter.

The clamp connects your filter directly to the microphone stand, or to the boom. The strong gooseneck holder makes for simple and reliable placement exactly where you need it. Just attach it and position it, and your recordings will be cleaner and more professional.


Maria Evers (Amazon Reviewer) said:

This is the first pop filter I have purchased, and it will probably be the only one I ever will purchase because it is far better than described.

The goose neck was very sturdy and is able to stay in place even if you swing the pop filter around. It blocks all pops even when you have your face right in front of your microphone, and I have noticed it even helps cancel background noise and prevent your mic from getting overloaded.

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