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6" Pop Filter for Radius Shock Mount

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Because the Radius Shock Mount is a very common accessory for the Blue Yeti microphone, we designed a pop filter clamp just for the Radius. The clamp is designed in such a way that it connects onto the Radius with a perfectly sized gap in the clamp that will slot directly around one of the screw mounts. Because of this, the clamp will stay precisely where it is placed, and will never slip. 

The 6" nylon mesh pop filter also comes with a shorter gooseneck, which is just the right size for positioning the filter directly in front of the microphone. All your plosives are gone, leaving you with a significantly improved recording. Don't let your listeners be distracted from your important messages just because of something as easily fixed as pops from plosives.  

This is the ideal complement for your Blue Yeti and Radius Shock Mount. 


“juliarsch” (Amazon Reviewer) said:  Works perfectly, couldn't ask for anything better

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