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6" Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

$21.97 $29.99

A pop filter designed for the Blue Yeti, this filter simple clamps onto the stand of the microphone stand, and stays clamped on. We developed this after seeing all the horror stories about people drilling into their Yeti just to attach a filter.

This double mesh pop filter will effectively eliminate all your pops from your recording, meaning you get the BEST possible result out of your Yeti mic.

Note: This pop filter will also clamp to your desk, so you can use it with other USB microphones as well.

“Skywalker” (Amazon Reviewer) said: Having used a “naked” Blue Yeti for a long time, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the buzzing/distortions caused by trying to layer multiple vocal parts, hitting a high note close to the mike, and other things that set off the mike’s sensitivities. This filter not only dampens plosives as advertised, it also takes care of these other distortions by generally filtering the sound. I’m very happy and look forward to the improved quality of recordings I’ll be able to create with it.

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