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4" Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

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Featuring the brand new wire mesh 4" pop filter head this stunningly designed filter is the perfect complement to your Blue Yeti microphone. With a simple clamp to attach the product to the Blue Yeti stand, the filter positions directly in front of the microphone pickup - the perfect length.

Unlike the bulkier 6" filters, the pop filter is exactly the right size for the Yeti microphone, and allows you to position your mic between you and your monitor without interrupting your view. The two wire mesh screens and a light foam interior combine to effectively eliminate all your pops from your recording, meaning you get the BEST possible result out of your Yeti mic.

Note: This pop filter will also clamp to your desk, so you can use it with other USB microphones as well.

“Hunter” (Amazon Reviewer) said:  This pop filter is highly versatile as well as compatible with any kind of mic. I got it early and tried it out on my Apogee microphone and made a recording of myself making all the obnoxious P sounds I could to test the mettle of this product. The Auphonix pop filter defeated my efforts in spades. I highly recommend getting this pop filter since it uses a clamp rather than a bolt. Which is super handy since most other pop filters require the the mic or mic stand is compatible which is lame.

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