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4" Pop Filter For Mini Tripods

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4" wire mesh pop filter designed for mini-tripods and microphone stands. Standard 6" pop filters are find for a studio setup, but what if you're just using a small USB mic on a mini-tripod stand? A 6" filter is heavy and is likely to cause your tripod to topple. 

This 4" version is compact, light and perfect for your recording needs. The wire mesh looks great, and starts the filtering process, but the secret to the great sound is in the light foam interior which totally eliminates the pops and thuds from your recordings. 

You're working hard to get great results, but poor audio can ruin all your hard work in an instant. This simple affordable solution allows you to focus on producing great work, and not on endless hours of re-doing your work and post-production editing. 



"DrumDude" (Amazon Reviewer) said: 

Nothing cheap or flimsy here! This pop filter is sturdy and functional! I would recommend this to anyone looking into buying a pop filter. Don't get stuck with a cheap, worthless filter! Buy this one!

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